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I am so into clothes! It makes me feel better. I am really busy to blog that much as I used to,but this article is special,because I finally have found a perfect place where I can buy anything I want and need. I am working on my lookbook project pretty much - I shop in different places and if i like any brand, I call them and we collaborate for my lookbook. This time I've called MONOROOM.
Let's check it out !

  I arrived at 4 pm. so I did not have much time to choose outfits,so I picked everything I saw. I fell in love with each dress in that shop - everything looked completely different. My style is unique and I love experiments with it. As different I look, as better I feel.
My first outfit was really gorgeous! I chose a long cream coat and a beautiful maxi dress with an amazing print - little stars cover each part of the dress. As soon as we started our lookbook photoshoot, people started asking where did I get that dress from. They were literally stopping our work and asking different questions about that outfit ! That was crazy and funny! I had no idea a maxi dress could make such an effect.
I think it is really important to have a maxi dress in your wardrobe. It makes you look taller,skinnier,sexier,a little bit more powerful ! This dress deserves to be on you during a fashion week ! You can wear it with anything you like - from any coat to any jacket you like. You can choose a black leather Balmain jacket and you will look really chic in this. But if you wear a coat as I do, you will look really hot and elegant. You will look like an independent woman who does not need a men's hand to look powerful. You can ask me why do not I usually wear clothes like this? I do not feel comfortable. Wearing something like a maxi dress once is okay,but for me its is not for everyday life. I am a kind of active person,so I have to be in different places at once,I have so many things to do at once! So it is impossible to wear dresses like this. I do not want to fall every time I am late.
But having a maxi dress for a date,or even a fashion week is a perfect decision. When you are on a fashion week, you do not need to be in hurry (except moments when you are late for a Fendi fashion show!).
If you wear a maxi dress with a print,you do not need any accessories because it will be too much for your look. Only thing you can wear is a beautiful little hat or maybe a diadem.                                                   My Jeffrey Campbell shoes looked really pretty in combination with that dress. Do not be afraid to use ,massive, boots with an elegant dress,it looks pretty hot.      


This dress is perfect. Its length is amazing - it shows your high heels and hides your legs,so you look skinny no matter how you wear it. I feel like this dress is inspired by early 50's and Christian Dior's sketches. It has adorable floral print with different kinds of flowers. Designers combined different colours in one dress - background is black,but floral print has orange,blue,red,pink and purple shades.
It looks really fresh. Anna Wintour said: ,No florals for spring., But this dress is like an exception. I would wear it no matter what! A peach coat makes the outfit prettier! This style is not really me,but why not? I love wearing dresses. The problem is I cannot find a good shop with dresses like this in my city. MONOROOM literally has saved me. They have different retro stylish dresses which are not really expensive.

        I think I should buy this one !


 Are you obsessed with florals? 

Use different elements in outfit like this one! You can wear massive boots as I do,but you can choose something really elegant from Christian Dior's latest collection. Also,you can wear something like retro stylish hat. But a single hat can change your look in one second,so be careful ! If you wear this dress with a garrison cap - you will totally look like a girl from 40's! But as soon as you wear a big hat - you remind Dior's model. So you have to decide which decade is better for you and than choose accessories. This is so wonderful,how a little necklace can change the whole outfit.

Yellow is the new black !

I am in love with everything basic people do not like to wear. Bright fur coats, sparkly high-heels or freaky sunglasses. I love bright ideas ! Why not? Being DIFFERENT is pretty hard,because if you find a new trend,people will start copying you and you won't be different anymore.
Also, people judge the way too much ! The way you wear your dress, the way you do your make up, the way you speak - they care about everything what is different to society. Is not it funny? If they were you, they would never create this or that, so before judging,they should think,what can THEY do? What can they create ? They should get on your level,so right after that they will have a chance to speak about you,but not judge. No one can judge you. They have no rights. You are better than them, you are unique. 
Be yourself and stop thinking about THEIR opinion,do whatever you want !

Looking good and feeling fine? Fur coats like this pastel turquoise fur coat make me feel fabulous! This style is hiding deeply in my soul. It is a little bit sparkly,a little bit glamorous and absolutely fabulous! I love when pink is combined with something soft and pastel. You can make an amazing effect by making your eyes looking bright with black eye shadows and eye liner.
My Chanel phone case completes the outfit. I wish I wore that outfit during fashion week!
I fell in love with the print - a geometric rhombus with 3 different colours. The idea of using different colours in one print is really great - you can wear anything you want with it,because of a spectrum of colours!

Do you always feel fabulous?!

I love when there are pretty much glitter on my face, I feel confident and happy. RuPaul inspires me a lot ! He's such a queen and his make up is always prefect. I want to watch his Drag Race on the Internet (because Russian television will never show this type of Tv program!)
This outfit is a kind of Japanese stylish look. To complete the look I need a pink long hair wig and sunglasses!
I am obsessed with the combination of colours and materials in this look! You become such a cute fashionista wearing this fur coat !
Have you ever mixed different styles ? If you've never experienced it, you should try! It is always so much will look like the best dressed chic or the worst. The line is literally invisible. Everything depends on your creativity. If you are careful, you will get what you need !

Try something new. If you are creative enough, you will be the best dressed fashionista in your company. Have you ever created something bright enough? If not,go and try yourself ! It is never late to show your personality.

Blue hair do not care!

I love wigs more than sunglasses. YES! As Lady Gaga said once: ,Life's too short for wearing only one wig!,. I support her ideas. I do not try to look like her,I do not even think about it,because everyone is unique,but our styles have so many things in common!
I fell in love with this light blue wig ! It does not look natural,but sometimes it's better to look bright than stay the same.
I combined this light blue wig with an amazing dark blue coat - what an amazing combination!!!
It looks expensive and absolutely fabulous! I wore that coat as a dress and felt happy. In everyday life it's impossible to wear a coat as a dress,but if you have to be on any fashion event - here you go! Do not be afraid to have only underwear under your coat (but I had a little dress under it ;)).

I feel really powerful when I wear wigs. It is not about being a freak,it is about showing your personality and creativity. You do not have to be the smartest person to understand it.

 Another bright wig! MONOROOM has literally all colours of wigs! I had no idea they had wigs, so when I asked if they had something really bright and their reply was: ,wigs,; I was about to scream! Wigs give me power. When I put a new wig on, I feel like another person (but with the same soul!). It is a really amazing feeling,when you feel like you are someone else,but in a good way. I am not in love with my face and body,so I feel really pretty when I wear a colourful wig with a bright dress!
This dress has 60's stylish silhouette and it looks perfect with bright pink/purple wig!
Short hair looks pretty good on me. Why do not I do any haircut like this? A little bit scared ! Also, my  real hair is short enough,so I am afraid of making it shorter.
White sunglasses with shapes of hearts look really cute in combination with this bright purple wig !
Do not be afraid to show your personality, people will judge you no matter what, so it is better to be someone you really want to be, rather than stay a basic human being.


This outfit is really hot. Look at this bright сoral coat and dark blue 60's stylish dress! My eyebrows make this outfit look completed,because it looks a little bit basic without something sparkly or even freaky,as my eyebrows.
If you are a real fashionista, you have no rights to be afraid of doing crazy things. Doing something what makes you better than anyone else is really important. There are not that much people who can say they CAN do this or that. Be different,say : ,Yes. I can., and your life will change in a better way. You have to start believing in yourself and things will go right.
MONOROOM has the most beautiful dresses in my area,I swear! I will buy a lot of things there pretty soon ( just waiting for SALE!).
You can check out my LOOKBOOK video right here. I have youtube channel - Kristen933. I do not update it really much,but you can find some of my lookbook videos right there ! If you mention, I do not use any music in my lookbooks,because I love feeling the atmosphere of  fashion week.

My last outfit was really simple - my love to scottish cage is endless. Everyone loves scottish cage - from punk culture and fans of 80's to modern fashionistas. This print makes the skirt look really hot,but a cute white sweater crosses the line and we have a combination of two completely different styles in one outfit.
My photographer Виктория Сорокина did a great job,thanks!
MONOROOM,thanks so much for giving me an opportunity of collaboration with you! Your brand has a lot of trendy clothes - fashionistas should visit your shops !


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