Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beautiful place

How usually do u go to museums? Not really much? I feel bad for you,because museums and historical places are really important for you. It's not really hard to explain why. We live in a century of the future - technologies and modern devices cover our minds and bodies every day without giving us any ability to look at ourselves from another corner - we are kinda lost. Our souls need inspiration sometimes and our brains need some new information which contains some good materials. It all affects us and we become smarter and more inspired than before. 

So is it really important to visit places of history? Yes it is, unless you dislike it. The thing is you have to find yourself in this world and if your soul doesn't feel comfortable with visiting places like this and you feel bored, you shouldn't. Just think for a moment if you love walking down old 14th century alleys and think about the existence or art. Do you like it?  No? That's just not yours and there is nothing wrong about it. But if you feel really happy about learning new things about the past and catch inspiration in paintings - you should find some free time to go for it - take your camera or notebook and enjoy. 
I decided to write this post just to remind you that there are so many things you can learn and you miss a lot of things if you are stuck in every day life. Some of teenagers are too obsessed with Internet and it scares me. I think it will go away when they grow up and understand the importance of life. I am 18 and I feel like I have to learn so many things and life is too short to spend it on nothing. Visit beautiful parks, read books, don't forget about your friends and enjoy your life!
All these beautiful photos were taken by ELIZAVETA CHISTOVA - my new friend and a really talented photographer. She used to work with weddings and then she started doing fashion photography. Don't miss our next project, because it's going to be hot !

Saturday, 4 July 2015

In motion.

Last week I was invited to take part in a photoshoot for the look book of the new collection of Spoof Moscow Showroom. We chose a pretty location near Moscow - Arhangelskoye. The place was charming and wonderful, so we created some really beautiful photos.

I had more than 9 outfits and we were really excited to take some good shots. Anastasia did a cocaine eyes make up and cherry lips, so I looked like a little bad girl from early 90's movies. I was changing outfits one by one, so I couldn't even catch the feeling of being really bad - because clothes had absolutely different messages. Some outfits were throwing us to Kennedy's times and some were really damn modern and hot. You have to be good at acting, because changing outfits is like changing roles in films.

I called this post "in motion" because we tried to capture some life moments. We wanted to show you the idea of freedom and mystery. The girl I played was always in a hurry, but she was lucky enough to be free whenever she wanted - she had her own imagination and freedom, she was pure but she could get really naughty when she wore some pyjamas and smoking. I am not this kind of girl, but we are like sisters. I like free girls, who are a little bit weird and always in hurry, it's a little bit me, but not enough.

I felt like a princess running trough my own garden to catch my young husband who's trying to hide. We were playing games. But I was a little bit nervous because I thought he could disappear forever, I was so in love with him, I did not want to let him go, even on 5 minutes.

Outfits were changing so fast - from an elegant woman with a big past to a modern city girl with great expectations. In less than 2 hours Asya made some really wonderful photos. A mix of 3 things - my body, architecture and clothes. Silhouettes were in a friendship with architecture and it was so damn good ! 

One of my favourite moments was when I put on a cute yellow suit. It was really nice and it showed me as a girl. I don't usually show my looks when I look like a tiny creature. I mean I love looking weird mostly. But my ability of changing my appearance in one moment always surprises people. That's why I am in love with cute looks on photoshoots.

How wonderful is it, to be yourself. Are models being themselves when they pose? Or are they just doing their jobs? I know one thing. If you are showing your character and emotional abilities - you are a true talent and someone will mention you really soon.  I always fall in love with models who are just being themselves, they always have a good imagination, so they know how to act and who to become when they put on any outfit. I don't think that being just a mannequin for the designer is a thing which will give you success. When I look back in 90's I see personalities. 
Nowadays, brands need personalities. They are always searching popular and influential people who can make sense, who can give the message.

Be yourself and work on your talents, because everyone is gifted, so the world will mention you really soon. Maybe even tomorrow.